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Company Profile

PTAS-ITS provide expert Maintenance/Construction/OCTG Inspection and NDT Services to the Oil & Gas and General Industrial Sector.
Qualified and experienced personnel utilising the latest equipment provide professional assessment of the technical integrity of new and existing on/offshore facilities, structures and equipment using both conventional and specialist inspection techniques.
The company was formed initially for the purpose of tendering for the three year Brunei Shell Maintenance and Inspection Contract. As the successful Tenderer, PTAS-ITS commenced operations in Brunei in January 2000.
Subsequent milestones in the company’s development have included:

  • The formation of PTAS Inspection & Testing Services Sdn Bhd, a 100% Bruneian owned company.

  • The opening of the PTAS-ITS Perth Branch Office.

  • The successful rollover of the Brunei Shell Maintenance Inspection Contract (The first time in the history of the contract).

  • The award of Advanced Inspection contracts in Malaysia, Indonesia, India and China.

  • The award of BSP OCTG Inspection Services Contract and the supply of Ad-Hoc OCTG Inspection Services to service providers/contractors.

From the outset, the guiding focus of the company has been to provide an inspection and non destructive testing service to our Clients that is unequalled in terms of integrity and professionalism.
To achieve this a number of key management philosophies were developed upon which the company was established and which continue to provide the framework for our subsequent development of relationships with new Clients and expansion. These key points are listed below:

  • A clear understanding of Client requirements.

  • Utilisation of a highly skilled and competent workforce.

  • Provision of a robust training development scheme within the company for all employees.

  • Proactive utilisation of advanced inspection techniques to provide superior value for the Clients’ inspection dollar. 

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